My name is Rachel and I live in the lovely Herefordshire county in England. I am an enormous animal lover and therefore I have combined my two passions together – animals and drawing.

rachel's pet portraitsI have been drawing since I was very young and remember my father taking me to town when I was 5 years old and buying me my very first drawing book. I loved that book very much and it still lives on my bookshelf! Whilst I had a go at drawing various subjects, it was always animals I enjoyed most.

I have grown up being surrounded by pets. If they weren’t my own, then I was always befriending the neighbours’ or stray cats down at the stable yard. To this day I retain this habit even whilst on holiday!  My little ‘fur family’ consists of my big softy boxer and three cats, all of which have completely different personalities. I would love to have more pets but am happy with my gorgeous lot.

My portraits are created using pastels and pastel pencils. I enjoy the rich and vivid colour they provide and the ability to add various layers. Pastel pencils are fabulous for bringing out the finer detail with greater accuracy.

I love to draw any animal so if there is something beyond the traditional pet you would like me to draw then just ask.



two terrier dogs


Hi Rachel,

Thank you so much it looks amazing!

Very touched by it!




rupi jaguar


Hi Rachel,

I would like to thank you for the fantastic portrait of Rupi that you did for me.

He is looking at me right now as I type this. The eyes and attention to detail in getting all the spots  as they were in the photo is amazing.

A true talent, 

Thanks again,   


meg boxerHi Rachel

Wanted you to know my mum was thrilled and emotional when she opened her present christmas morning...to see such a gorgeous painting of her Meg!

Thankyou from both of us